Injuries to Children

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There may be no greater pain for a parent than facing the injury or emotional trauma of a child who has been injured or sexually abused. A child injury affects children on an emotional and physical level. If you are a parent, you may wonder what legal remedies are available on behalf of your injured child. At The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC, we are sensitive to the needs of your injured child and strive to find an efficient and successful resolution for your child.

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Serious Child Injuries in Central Texas

Are you the parent or guardian of a minor who sustained a birth injury or child injury? Was your son or daughter a victim of sexual abuse at school, church or a day care center? The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC can provide you and your child with compassionate and effective legal representation.

Our firm provides experienced legal help to children who have sustained catastrophic injuries. A personal injury lawsuit filed on behalf of a child with a serious injury, such as a traumatic head injury, will probably involve future medical costs for treatment and care, and may involve other costs like rehabilitation and home modifications.

We also handle the following kinds of cases:

  • Birth injuries - We assist families who have suffered a birth injury due to negligent medical care. This could have been at the hands of a physician, OBGYN, nurse or hospital administration. Birth injury and medical malpractice claims can be complicated, so it is especially important to obtain experienced counsel that our law firm can provide.
  • Day care injuries - If a swimming pool accident, playground accident, day care accident or accident caused by a defective product has resulted in serious injury to your child, we can help. Additionally, The Stewart Law Firm provides quality services to parents who have lost a child in a fatal accident.
  • Child molestation - If you suspect your child is a victim of sexual abuse or molestation, reach out to us immediately. These are some of the most horrific child injury cases and we will do everything we can to help seek out justice for you and your family.

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