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Someone who is rendered paralyzed, partially or totally, after being in an accident will need extensive treatments and possibly round-the-clock care. Medical costs and other necessary expenses are sure to be steep. If you are currently suffering from paralysis and believe the accident that caused your injury was not your fault, you should consider pursuing compensation from the negligent party. The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC and our Austin paralysis attorneys can help.

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Different Forms of Paralysis

The potential outcome of your claim will depend heavily on the actual form of paralysis you have experienced. More severe or widespread forms of paralysis are often associated with serious accidents and injuries. To prove to the court or to negotiators that the negligence of the opposing party did indeed cause your paralyzed state, it can be useful to understand some of the details of paralysis yourself.

There are four forms of paralysis that someone may experience:

  • Partial: A person experiencing partial paralysis can still use the afflicted bodily area to some extent. This might mean being able to bend a limb only to a certain degree. In other circumstances, partial paralysis might not inhibit movement but instead be a chronic numbness or pain.
  • Total: When someone experiences total paralysis of a body part, it can no longer be moved or perform necessary functions at all. A person with total paralysis of the legs will be confined to a wheelchair so long as the paralysis endures.
  • Temporary: In some situations, paralysis may only be temporary. This often occurs when a nerve is pinched, bruised, or otherwise harmed but not destroyed. A swelling muscle, misplaced organ, or shifted bone can harm a nerve until they heal as well.
  • Permanent: A nerve that is torn, ripped, or seriously damaged is unlikely to ever heal and results in permanent paralysis. Our bodies can only slowly and slightly regenerate damaged nerve cells. In many cases, a wound deteriorates just as quickly as it heals, assuming it does not worsen at an even faster pace.

It is not common for paralysis injuries to be partial or temporary, as nerves are so sensitive, damage either does not occur or occurs extremely and all at once. Paraplegia and quadriplegia are therefore not uncommon in paralysis cases. A person with paraplegia has total permanent paralysis (TPP) of both legs. A person with quadriplegia has total permanent paralysis of both legs and arms.

Causes of Paralysis Injuries & Complications

Some accidents of particular violence or intensity are more likely to inflict paralysis than others. The insurer representing the negligent party or taking the liability for your paralysis claim may try to discount the likelihood of your paralysis being caused by the accident in question if that accident is uncommon or not thoroughly documented. Our Austin paralysis lawyers can analyze the available evidence, such as medical records, police reports, and eyewitness testimonies, in-depth to make it clear that your accident or incident was the direct cause of your paralysis.

Paralysis can be caused by or during:

Seeking Full Compensation & Not a Penny Less

Your financial losses after suffering from paralysis may be major. Spending time away from work and also experiencing a loss of earning capacity due to paralysis complications could be significant enough to immediately impact our financial stability. Furthermore, the emotional distress you have been put through and your perceived diminishment of life’s enjoyment cannot be ignored and must be factored into the damages you deserve.

Forms of compensation we will want to consider when filing your claim include:

  • Emergency medical response treatment
  • Long-term medical expenses and hospitalization
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy sessions
  • Assistive equipment and construction costs
  • Lowered earning capacity and lost wages
  • Emotional scarring

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