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Mending a broken bone is not always as straightforward as getting a bone realigned and getting a cast on the broken arm or leg. Many people with orthopedic injuries must undergo surgery and have hardware such as screws and rods implanted in their bodies. Orthopedic surgery is very costly and recovery time can be lengthy. Surgeons may want to do repeat surgery to remove hardware after a period of time. Worse still, implanted hardware may malfunction and cause additional problems.

Patients with broken bones may develop complications such as:

  • Nerve pain
  • Compartment syndrome or reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSDS)

Sufferers often go through tests, treatment, and therapy aimed at restoring them back to good health. Treatments are sometimes successful. Sometimes, however, a broken bone can leave a patient with lasting disabilities and a permanently diminished quality of life.

The Importance of Retaining Effective Legal Representation

All these medical problems typically result in very expensive medical bills. Most people cannot cover all the costs, even with good insurance. When an accident victim is unable to work, the dollar value of losses becomes even greater. The best options for recovering compensation for these losses usually comes about through effective legal representation. What this means is that your lawyer may be as important to your overall recovery as your doctor. The Stewart Law Firm is proud of the personalized, skillful advocacy that we offer our clients. Many have received the compensation that they needed through the efforts of our Austin personal injury lawyer.

We welcome the opportunity to explain how we can help you after you have suffered a broken bone injury through a:

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Every injury, client, accident, and legal case is unique. No one can predict with certainty how your case will play out before insurance claims adjusters or in a courtroom. Personalized legal representation is a key component of a successful injury claim. Our mission is to provide you with just that.

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