Brain Injury FAQs

Brain Injury FAQs

How might filing a lawsuit for a brain injury benefit me?

Brain injuries often require costly medical attention and may result in temporary loss of wages, as well as physical and emotional suffering. Besides these immediate concerns, a brain injury can also cause lasting damage, leaving the injured person in need of habitual medical attention, costly medications, and the permanent loss of ability to work. Significant brain injuries can also result in permanent brain damage or even death. Filing a lawsuit can enable the injured party to seek compensation for any resulting damages, making it easier to pay for medical bills, loss of wages, and any other costly changes brought about by the injury.

How could a brain injury change my daily life?

Brain injuries vary greatly in severity and can, therefore, cause any number of lasting effects. Some brain injuries may heal completely with no lasting consequences, while others may result in life-long disabilities. Some injuries may affect the emotional systems of the brain, making it difficult to control their emotions. Likewise, damage to other regions of the brain can result in psychological or physical damage. Brain injuries can result in loss of speech, impaired movement, loss of memory, decreased cognitive abilities, and much more. In some cases, the injured person may require regular medical attention or live-in care.

How could caring for a family member with a brain injury change my daily life?

When someone suffers a significant brain injury, it could result in severe mental and physical disabilities. As a family member of the injured person, you may take on the role of caretaker by administering necessary medicines, driving your loved one to and from doctor’s appointments, and so on. Or, you may have to hire an in-home caretaker or pay for nursing home care. Any of these changes may greatly affect your daily life, which could make you eligible for compensation on your injured loved one’s behalf.

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