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Why You Shouldn't Say "Sorry" After a Car Accident

Posted By The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC || 21-Sep-2017

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident is an overwhelming and chaotic experience. You might feel shaken, frustrated, and completely disoriented and, in the heat of the moment, it might feel completely natural to apologize for the accident even if it was not your fault. However, this simple gesture can actually jeopardize your chances at obtaining fair compensation for any injuries and property damage you sustained.

Here are some reasons why you should refrain from apologizing after being involved in a car accident:

  • It can be viewed as an admission of fault: Apologizing to the other driver or to the law enforcement officer who is writing the police report creates a record of that apology, which the insurance company will see. Their job is to keep you from obtaining the compensation you deserve, so you can expect them to use your apology against you as evidence of your culpability. While this might not be enough to completely deny you of compensation, it could be enough to reduce it.
  • You do not have all the facts: Even if you believe you were at fault for the accident, there is no reason to rush into accepting responsibility when you still do not have all the facts. Let law enforcement and your personal injury attorney do their jobs and fully investigate the accident before jumping to conclusions.
  • Focus on the important things: Apologizing might seem like the perfect act of kindness, but it will not help anyone. Instead of saying that you are sorry, ask everyone if they are okay and call for emergency medical assistance if necessary. You can also take the time to exchange information, such as driver’s licenses, license plate numbers, insurance information, and phone numbers.
  • Speaking to the insurance company: Not only should you ban the word “sorry” while you are at the scene of the accident, but you should also eliminate the word from your vocabulary when speaking to the at-fault party’s insurance company. They might attempt to coax an apology out of you, so do not let them lure you into their trap or you might risk your chance of receiving compensation. You can also ask your personal injury attorney to handle speaking with the insurance adjuster to ensure no mistakes are made.

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