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Summertime Injury Prevention Tips

Posted By The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC || 14-Jul-2016

Summer is a great time for kids to participate in various indoor and outdoor activities, but they should be supervised at all times to ensure their safety. Emergency room visits increase in the summertime, especially for children. In fact, nearly half of all unintentional injury-related fatalities in the U.S. among children younger than 14 occur during the three summer months. If your kids are home for the summer, you can protect them by following some simple summertime injury prevention tips.

In the interest of preventing injury to you or your children this summer, keep this list of safety tips in mind:

  • Many accidental drownings occur during the summer as children and families relax in the pool, on the beach, or at the lake. Be sure that young children and inexperienced swimmers wear life vests and stay close to a buddy.
  • Children should never be left alone near a body of water for any length of time - even momentarily. It is best to swim only in areas where a lifeguard is present, or where you can watch your children closely.
  • Heat stroke is another common cause of illness in young children during the summer. Make sure your children wear loose, lightweight clothing, that they stay hydrated, and that they take breaks to get out of the sun.
  • Many children suffer injury when they fall from windows while playing. Keep in mind that the screens on windows are designed to pop out in case of emergency and are not enough to stop a small child from falling out.
  • Going on a road trip? Make sure that your child sits in a car seat or booster seat appropriate for their age and weight.
  • If your kids enjoy outdoor activities like bicycling or skating, ensure that they wear a helmet and protective gear like elbow pads, kneepads, and sturdy shoes.
  • Pedestrians can prevent injury by wearing brightly colored clothing, walking on sidewalks, crossing the street at designated crosswalks, and keeping an eye out for signals and turning vehicles. If you are walking with a child, make sure they stay close to you and do not permit them to cross streets on their own.

We hope you have found these tips helpful and that you and your family enjoy a safe summer vacation!

The Austin personal injury lawyers at The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC are experienced advocates for injured people in Texas. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a preventable summertime accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our firm to talk about your case and your legal options for free.

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