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Preventing Car Accident Injuries as a Teenage Driver in Texas

Posted By The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC || 12-Jun-2015

There are a few things that every teenage driver should practice when it comes to preventing car accident injuries. Keeping these safety tips in mind could mean the difference between life and death on the road. These vital safety considerations include avoiding distractions, driving the speed limit, not driving at night and always using a seat belt.

Teens love their smartphones and they also love to text. However, scientific evidence proves that texting while driving is in many cases more dangerous than drunk driving. Other distractions to avoid while driving include having friends in the car. Parents should not allow their teens to have the distraction of friends as passengers until their young drivers have gained more driving experience.

We all remember our days as a teenage driver, when we were constantly wanting to test the limits of our automobiles. This "need for speed" is not healthy, though, as speeding increases all dangers associated with driving. In fact, sometimes, it is better to drive below speed limitations in cases where there is bad weather or a lot of traffic.

Refraining from nighttime driving until a teenager has more driving experience under his or her belt is another important safety tip. Experienced drivers are better able to know what to expect at night, whereas teens are still discovering what to expect during the day when there is plenty of visibility. With practice every teen will improve his or her nighttime driving skills, but keep such driving to a minimum in the beginning.

Finally, teenagers -- and adults alike -- should always wear their seat belts, whether they are passengers in a car or drivers in a car. This one tip could mean the difference between your life and your death in a car accident.

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