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Young Firefighter Killed in Car Accident

Posted By The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC || 2-Feb-2015

Texas lost a 20-year-old female firefighter recently in an auto accident in Plantersville, which involved two other young women in that car and the driver of the other car. The driver of the victim's car stopped in the road, preparing to make a left turn, when they were hit from behind.

Fellow Plantersville-Stoneham Volunteer Fire Department firefighters responded to the incident, but their teammate of five years was pronounced dead at the scene. The two other young women, who were both pregnant, were taken to Conroe Regional Medical Center. One who was injured in the car wreck had to have surgery to repair her broken jaw, but both were stable. The Texas Highway Patrol reported that the other car's driver, the only other person involved in the car accident, was also taken to Conroe Regional Medical Center in stable condition.

A person who suffers serious injury such as brain injury may need help to sort out complex issues of liability. Although police routinely conduct accident investigations, an Austin personal injury lawyer could help establish liability by examining the evidence and documentation from the accident investigation. Establishing liability may help the survivor of an accident with injuries pursue reimbursement for expenses.

A lawyer may be able to seek insurance compensation for damages, including medical expenses, in the case of a car accident involving a negligent driver. Negligent drivers might include a drunk driver, a distracted driver who is texting and driving or is otherwise distracted, or a hit-and-run driver. If evidence suggests that such a driver caused the accident, the lawyer may be able to demonstrate that person's liability for damages in court.

Source KPRC, "20-year-old firefighter killed in car crash," Sara Fatima Dhanji, Jan. 25, 2015

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