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Texas Family Wins Lawsuit Against Domino's

Posted By The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC || 4-Sep-2013

A Texas couple was hit by a Domino's delivery driver in August 2012. The accident occurred near Beaumont when the delivery driver lost control of his vehicle and hit the couple's vehicle. The delivery driver reportedly had worn tires, one of which didn't have any tread on it. Additionally, the delivery driver was speeding when the incident occurred.

The 65-year-old woman died as a result of the accident, and the 70-year-old man was rendered unable to communicate from a brain injury. Their surviving family sought compensation on their behalf. They were ultimately awarded $32 million for the car accident. According to the jury's verdict, Domino's was 60 percent at fault for the accident for not enforcing vehicle inspection policies on its franchises.

Domino's offers an incentive program to employees who complete their deliveries quickly. An attorney who represented the deceased couple's family stated that the bonuses that Domino's offers employees for fast delivery promotes unsafe delivery practices. Although the vice president of Domino's offered company condolences for the accident, he said he found it difficult to understand how a corporation could be found responsible for an independent franchise employee driving with bad tires. He went on to say that the employee worked for the franchisee and not the franchisor and that franchisors do not control the daily operations of franchisees. He stated that they would be appealing the jury's decision.

People whose loved ones die as a result of car accidents could be entitled to compensation for their loved ones' wrongful deaths. Austin personal injury lawyers might be able to help people determine if they have sufficient grounds to file a claim and then help them negotiate settlements for them if they do.

Source: KHOU, "Texas family awarded $32M in suit against Domino's", August 30, 2013

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