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Wild Car Accident Caused by Group of Wild Hogs

Posted By The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC || 29-Mar-2013

Drivers are not the only ones who can cause car accidents. An accident was caused this week by a group of somewhere between 25 and 30 hogs. We are not talking about the nickname given to a group of motorcycle riders. It was a group of feral hogs.

The rollover accident occurred on Friday, March 22 when a family was driving on SH 130 just outside of San Marcos, Texas. The father, mother, daughter, an infant granddaughter and the family dog had no idea what was about to happen when they suddenly were hit by the pack that came without warning. They had no idea just how much damage an animal could do.

According to the accident report, damage from the collision stretched for approximately half a mile down the pavement. The trail of metal and glass was left when the car flipped over and over and over again. It had traveled 300 feet and rolled at least 10 times before it finally came to rest.

Miraculously, the human passengers all survived the collision. When the family exited the vehicle, they were shocked to see the damage that had been done to their vehicle. The mother called the incident a "death trap" that they were lucky to survive. Sadly, the family dog was not as lucky and died in her arms.

In this instance the animals were wild and not owned by anyone. However, large animals are a common sight in Texas. The owners of livestock and other animals have a duty to keep them contained within a fence and can be held liable for the damages that the animal causes should they find their way out of the enclosure.

Source: KVUE, "Near fatal accident a warning to SH 130 drivers," Kris Betts, March 28, 2013

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