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Laser Toys May Harm Children's Eyesight

Posted By The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC || 13-Aug-2013

Texas parents should pay attention to a recent statement released by the FDA concerning the safety of laser toys marketed towards children. The statement claims that the concentrated light can deteriorate eyesight or even cause blindness. It's important for all parents to pay attention to these lasers and other defective products that can harm their children or others.

The FDA is particularly concerned with products made for children because they are the ones most often injured by these products. They also claim that anyone who comes into direct or indirect contact with these lasers are at risk for injury. Products included in the warning are lasers mounted on toy guns used for aiming, hand-held lasers used during play as light sabers and spinning tops that project lasers as they spin, among other products.

The report states that these laser beams do not cause instant pain. However, even one use can cause permanent damage. The FDA also advises consumers to not buy laser products unless its packaging states that is complies with 21 CFR Subchapter J. They also advise that the when playing with these products to not shine the light at other people or animals.

The thought that a defective or unsafe product could harm a child may strike fear in a parent. Parents should remember that if a product does harm their child, it may be possible to collect damages from those responsible for the injury. Determining what the damages are or if a personal injury lawsuit is necessary may be difficult for parents unfamiliar with the law. An attorney may be able to help parents determine how strong of a case they have against a company that injured their child.

Source: Huffington Post, "Laser Toys Are Dangerous For Kids, FDA Says", Mandy Velez , August 07, 2013

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