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Wrongful Death Claims in Texas

Posted By Stephen Stewart || 18-Sep-2015

A wrongful death is exactly what it sounds like -- it's a death that never should have happened. It's a death that happened because of another party's negligence. Had that party acted more responsibly, the deceased individual would still be alive.

When a Texas resident loses a loved one at the hands of another party's negligence, it usually happens suddenly, unexpectedly and it is always emotionally devastating. Knowing that without the at-fault party's negligence, the loved one would still be by your side is the most painful thing to think about following such a loss.

At the Stewart Law Firm, PLLC, we know how hard it is to lose someone dear to you. We also know that no amount of litigation will ever bring your relative back. However, pursuing a wrongful death-related civil action in court can be helpful to family members trying to seek closure and some sense of justice regarding the death.

If a wrongful death claim is successfully navigated in civil court, family members may be able to obtain financial compensation to pay for their loved one's funeral and memorial expenses. Family members may also be able to obtain compensation for their own losses relating to lost inheritance, lost family income, lost future income, loss of companionship and more.

Whether your loved one was killed in a fatal boating crash, a car accident, a bicycle accident or a pedestrian accident, we are here to help. The Stewart Law Firm also represents family members of people killed by defective products, defective cars, tainted food, medical malpractice and other kinds of issues in Austin, TX.

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