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Texas Rollover Accidents

Posted By Stephen Stewart || 28-Aug-2015

Some of the worst kinds of auto accidents that Austin residents can be involved in are rollover incidents. At the Stewart Law Firm, PLLC, we have helped numerous Austin residents navigate the intricacies of pursuing personal injury and/or wrongful death claims relating to a rollover event.

If the car you were driving was involved in a rollover accident, it may not be your fault. Furthermore, it might not be the fault of any other drivers in the accident either. This is because a lot of rollover incidents happen because of defective products and dangerous automobile manufacturing mistakes. In order to determine whether or not manufacturing errors and/or design defects caused your particular rollover crash, it is important to analyze the crashworthiness of the vehicle involved in the crash.

Vehicles that are not crashworthy might have some of the following problems: defective airbags, use of tempered glass rather than laminated glass, defective seat belts, defective child seats, design instabilities, unsafe roof designs, fuel system inadequacies, faulty door latches, dangerous tires and faulty latching systems for doors. If these issues are found to be present in a vehicle that flipped over during crash, auto parts manufacturers and/or auto manufacturers responsible for the production of the automobile and its componentry might be liable for financial damages relating to the crash.

If you suspect that your rollover accident was caused by defective vehicle design and/or defective manufacturing, it is important to look for the above-referenced issues and more. By reaching out to a Austin car accident attorney, he or she will be able to help you identify what may have caused your particular rollover event.

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