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Police Believe Alcohol a Factor in Deadly Collision in Texas

Posted By Stephen Stewart || 21-Apr-2015

Authorities report that a 20-year-old woman died in a two-vehicle crash in North Austin during the evening hours of April 12. Highway officials suspect that the fatal wreck was caused by a drunk driver.

According to the report, the collision occurred at about 10:30 p.m. at the intersection of Burnet Road and Gracy Farms Lane as a 26-year-old man, who was operating a northbound Chevrolet Camaro on Burnet Road, failed to observe a red light and struck the victim's Nissan Altima sedan. Officials stated that the Nissan driver instantly died from the injuries she suffered in the crash.

Emergency crews responding to the scene transported the Chevrolet driver and a passenger to a nearby hospital in Round Rock, where they were both treated for non-fatal injuries. Once the driver was released from the hospital, police arrested him on charges of intoxication manslaughter. He was being held in lieu of a $150,000 bond.

Immediately following a fatal car accident, family members grieving over the loss of a loved one may not be thinking of pursuing damages. Instead, they may be too busy with funeral arrangements and taking care of details surrounding the loss. However, if they suspect that the accident was caused by a negligent driver, they may want to consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party.

A personal injury attorney for the family may be able to draw evidence of negligence from accident investigation reports and eyewitness testimony. Such an action can be maintained regardless of whether the responsible driver has been issued criminal charges. Damages awarded to plaintiffs can in some cases include funeral and burial expenses as well as compensation for the loss of support and companionship.

Source: KXAN, "Man charged with intoxication manslaughter in crash", April 13, 2015

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