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Driver Killed in Wrong-Way Accident on Texas Highway

Posted By Stephen Stewart || 20-Mar-2014

The driver of a gold Toyota Camry caused a wrong-way crash on the Northwest Freeway on Sunday, March 16, in Houston. The other vehicle involved was an SUV driven by a Texas A&M student with three other A&M students as passengers.

The accident occurred at almost 3 a.m. on Highway 290. The site of the accident was near the site where a fatal accident occurred last year during spring break. Authorities with the Harris County Sheriff's Office have reported that they are not sure yet if the driver of the Toyota was under the influence of alcohol. They also suggested that, since the driver they believed to be at-fault perished in the crash, they will not be pressing any charges.

The two male and two female students in the SUV were on their way back to the Texas A&M campus from spring break. Although photos of the scene show a badly damaged SUV, the four students escaped the car accident with non-fatal injuries.

When an at-fault driver dies in the accident, criminal charges are not pursued. However, the estate of the driver and their insurance company may be held responsible for financial burdens caused by the deceased. This might include medical expenses caused by the accident as well as loss of income or future expenses that are incurred as a result. If more extensive therapy and recovery time is needed, they may pay for the therapy as well as compensation for the victim's pain and suffering. If the victim also perishes in the crash, their family may seek funeral expenses and other financial compensation. An Austin personal injury attorney may be able to help them put together their case and file their claim.

Source: KTRK, "Wrong way driver dies after slamming into SUV full of students", March 16, 2014

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